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A few of our Favorite Things: Tech Edition


Do you ever feel like your carry-on looks a little something like this? We can empathize. Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, you’re bound to have a wire or two, as well as some specific tech needs to ensure you can connect, capture and share your memories as you go.

At Ventours we are always on the lookout for travel apps, gadgets and gear that make life on the road just a little easier.  Here is a list of our travel must haves.

Leatherology CORD WRAP

Cord-Wrap-Red-754-297_baseLeatherology’s magnetic closure cord wrap is a simple solution to secure your wires on the go. It comes in several colors and there is the option to personalize it by adding a monogram.


UE Ultimate Ears Speaker

main-ueroll-familyWe are big fans of UE Boom speakers! At just about the height of an iPhone and 9 hours of battery life, this little guy is the best bet for travel. It’s even waterproof!


Fujifilm Instax Instant Printer

32651408_010_bIt’s great to share your photos on social media and tag the new friends you’ve made along your journey, but what if you could hand them a keepsake in realtime printed straight from your smartphone? A throwback to the days of Polaroid, this Fujifilm printer is less than 5 inches tall, only 9 oz, and will spit out some quality prints in seconds.


Belkin Lightning to USB Leather Tassel


There is nothing worse than leaving your iPhone charger at home when you’re on the go. Now you can always have it on hand (or bag!) without cluttering the rest of your carryall. Attach this cute yet functional accessory and charge through an airport or car USB port at a moments notice.


LifeProof FRĒ iPHONE Case

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 12.35.16 PMIt is hard to imagine a bigger bummer than ruining your phone that doubles as your camera. We’ve seen a slip of the grip into a sunset Mai Tai, and the disappointment when guests are preparing for a manta ray dive in the Maldives and realize they don’t have a waterproof camera.  The FRĒ will transform your smartphone for the sea and has a myriad of other perks too!


Google Offline Maps

FullSizeRender 3It’s not exactly a gadget, but it’s an app that will change your navigation when you don’t want to run up your international roaming bill. No sim? No Problem! Just enter the area you are staying in over wifi and tap the lines on the top left of your Google map for a pull down option for ‘offline areas’. You will then be able to use that map with no fees while you are on the go!


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*Photos are sourced from the associated product links. Opinions are of Ventours International Travel.  



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